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The best way to start your day!

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Get our Breneli Starter Pack in order to have all you need for the perfect matcha lattes. The bundle includes: 

1 x Premium Ceremonial Matcha
1 x Raw Forest Honey
1 x Electric Whisk
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About Breneli matcha

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-Increases energy level
-Stimulates metabolism
-High in antioxidants
-Enhances mood
-Helps to improve skin
-Boosts immune system


-Weight: 30g
-Growing region: Uji area in Japan
-Storage: store in a cool, dry place away from strong light and odors
-Shelf Life: 365 days
-Caffeine : 30g per serving (1g of matcha powder)
-Suitable for vegans: yes

Shipping & Returns

Orders placed by 2pm on a working day will be shipped the same day. Orders placed later or on a non-working day are shipped the next working day. We use UPS, DPD and DHL for all orders depending on the country and size of your order. You will see estimated delivery time and price at check-out for each available shipping option. Breneli will on occasion offer shipping promotions to receive free shipping if customers spend over a certain amount.

  • We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy only premium, highest quality matcha - that's why we have only one Premium Ceremonial Matcha. Try it to see what is the real Japanies matcha.

  • As we only have one category matcha, we don't have extra costs for the production, logistic, warehousing, and other operations of different products. We save our costs and at the same time, we can offer you the highest quality matcha at an affordable price.

  • If for any reason you don't love the taste of Breneli matcha, we'll refund your purchase. So you are sure, that you only pay for what you love.

How do you know if matcha is good quality?

Color: Typically, the deeper the shade of green is, the higher the quality of matcha. Ceremonial grade matcha is known for its vivid green color and this is the color of Breneli matcha.
When added to water, does it smell fresh? Quality matcha smells smooth and pleasant, with buttery vegetal notes. You have to try Breneli to feel this :)
Taste: Excellent quality Matcha has a naturally sweet taste. Yes, yes, yes - this is about Breneli matcha!
Whisk: Low-quality matcha will not froth as beautifully as excellent quality matcha. You must be able to create a dreamy layer of frothiness without any lumps. It's so easy to do that with Breneli matcha.

Subscriptions make it easy

You can choose how much and how often you want to get matcha.

Edit Anytime
Add more to your order, postpone upcoming deliveries, or easily cancel at any time.

Subscribers get special discount + you will get free jar of our Raw Forest Honey (45g).

Experience delicious matcha from home all the time!

Our quality promise

There are no questions when talking about quality. We spend most of our time and energy to ensure that only the highest grade matcha reaches you. If our product doesn't satisfy you, we'll take it back.