We love matcha!

Energy-boosting, metabolism accelerator, source of antioxidants, natural detoxifier and most important - delicious flavor and unforgettable scent. We love matcha for all its features. You could make traditional matcha tea, prepare matcha lettes, matcha lemonades, add it to your green smoothies, mix in morning oatmeal - hundreds of ways to use this superfood.
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Matcha vs coffee

We believe that the way you feel is the direct reflection of how you treat your body. Coffee is a great energy booster, however all the jitters and crash is not something that adds productivity or makes you feel happy. That's why we choose matcha. It leaves you focused and alert during the day. No spikes and crashes, it just comes on gently and leaves just as gently.

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How Breneli is different from other matcha shops?

Our philosophy says there is no reason to choose lower-quality products when you can always have the best option. We don't have different grade matchas, cause everyone deserves to enjoy only premium, highest quality products. That's why we have only one Matcha - grown in the Uji area in Japan, from the first harvest of the year.

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    Highest quality ceremonial matcha from the first harvest of the year. Only natural ingredients.